Our Sisterhood

Elli digiovanni, pc'15

"To me, Alpha Phi means being part of a sisterhood where you are surrounded by individuals who lift you up and bring out the best in you. Our sisterhood has not only given me unforgettable memories, but also my very best friends who I get to share these memories and experiences with not only throughout college, but the rest of my life. Alpha Phi has made me realize that "bad days" at school are rare, and it does not take long before I am smiling and laughing with my sisters around the dinner table. Although we are all unique and different in our own ways, the support and unconditional love we have for one another is authentic and pure, and that is why I love Alpha Phi."



Kaylie Ferkich, PC'16

"Being in Alpha Phi has been one of the most rewarding experiences at the UO aside from gaining a college education. Through this sisterhood, I not only have found the best of friendships, but have also been able to get to know the Eugene community as well as give back. To me Alpha Phi is not just an organization, but a home where my sisters and I can grow together and create a bond that can last a lifetime."


"Joining Alpha Phi was, without a doubt, the best decision of my college career thus far. I am so honored to be apart of this family that I adore. Alpha Phi's sisterhood has brought so much joy and happiness to my life through building truly exceptional friendships that will last far beyond my college career. Sisterhood is supporting and loving one another as well as always exemplifying Alpha Phi's values. Our sisters hold one another up their highest standards in effort to push on another to be their best selves. I have my brilliant and incredible sisters to thank for helping guide me into becoming the person I am proud to be today. The bonds and memories that I have made within this sisterhood will last a lifetime and I will always love my sisterhood endlessly."

ally billings, PC'17

"Alpha Phi to me means having a close-knit group of loyal girls that I can trust to always be there for me. I have been brought to my forever best friends and definitely have Alpha Phi to thank for it. Being in a sisterhood has given me so many connections, not only in Alpha Phi, but in the entire Greek community. It has opened up so many doors and so many opportunities at the U of O that I may not have known of if I didn’t make the decision to go through recruitment a year ago. I am so glad I did, and I know it won’t only help shape the next 4 years for me, but the rest of my life!"


"I always knew I wanted to be apart of Greek life because I had heard about the life long friends you make, the unforgettable memories made, and so much more. Alpha Phi, to me, was my saving grace. When I came to the University of Oregon I knew a total of 4 people, and I was extremely nervous I was not going to find 'my people.' After joining Alpha Phi, I truly felt that I had found them. Sisterhood to me is just that. Friends for life who you know will always be there for you, who will laugh with you, cry with you, and always be your biggest cheerleaders. I cannot imagine my college experience thus far or my future to be the same without Alpha Phi."