Our Values


elise henn, pc'16

"I resonate most with sisterhood because Alpha Phi has added to my definition of a sister. I went into Greek life with two sisters of my own, but ended up gaining a hundred plus new friendships. I learned sisters can be gained at any point in life, blood related or not!"



"I resonate with Alpha Phi’s value of leadership. When I entered our chapter, I was excited to be a part of a sorority and so honored to be welcomed into Alpha Phi, but I still didn’t have a true grasp on who I was as an individual. Through Alpha Phi, I have learned how to advocate for myself, speak in front of a room of 200 women, and grow my own self-confidence. Being a member of a sorority full of such strong, outgoing, and outspoken women has allowed me to find the leader inside myself."


mia sullivan, pc'17

"I think service is important because Greek life is so much more than the social aspect eveyone sees. I think it is valuable because we're lucky enough to be able to help those that are struggling in one way or another, physically or financially, by raising money for them or giving back to them. So its more rewarding than most people think or know."



"When it comes to the Alpha Phi values, I resonate most with character development. I think it’s super important to never stop learning, even if it’s just about yourself. Being in a sorority has been a character-building experience because I am challenged on a daily basis for why I think the way I do and with overcoming challenges comes growth. While having the support of your sisters, you can think about things in a new light, get out of your comfort zone all while staying true to your roots."


avery sanford, pc'17

"To me, sisterhood is the most important. I believe that being well-connected and finding other girls who make you feel like you're part of a big family is very important. I love knowing I have so many girls in the house I can always count on!"


Montana dewberry, pc'15

"Scholarship is a value that means a lot to me because I love how my sisters motivate me to be the best version of myself and push me to pursue my future academic goals!"



"I value loyalty most because this house has brought me to women I can trust my life with. Whenever I need a laugh, a hug, or a shoulder to cry on, I can count on these women to be there for me. I also value it most because I know that each woman has my back in any situation and will go up to bat for me."



"Character development most definitely means the most to me. I've grown and developed in ways I never thought I would since I started school last fall and joined Alpha Phi. I'm constantly surrounded by women who impact me in the best ways and push me to stay true to myself, always. I'm beyond thankful for this organization and its values"